GC + Yankee Homecoming

August 04

We can't put into words how much of a blast we had at Yankee Homecoming this past weekend, and how smitten we are after all the kind words and encouragement we received towards this little dream of ours. Golden Closet's first pop-up shop turned out to be so much fun for us to unveil and we feel as if this little production turned out to be pretty golden after all :) It was the kind of experience we went into with zero expectations, and will now cherish as a weekend that we will never forget. Hearing the feedback of complete strangers and feeling the support and love from friends and family was what got us through those ninety-degree, twelve-hour days with minimal sleep in between, and looking back, we wouldn't change any of the struggles that led us up to it. We even got to hear the sweet question, "where is your shop located?" which made us smile to each other over and over, and start to think about that possibility for GC someday. It's indescribable to see a distant dream start to come into focus, and that's honestly what this past weekend felt like to us. We couldn't do it without you, and want to thank you from the bottom of our golden hearts. 


Megan & Laura

P.S. An extra special thanks to the best boyfriend in the world who made countless iced tea runs, became the master of ironing maxi dresses when our steamer took on a mind of its own, and surprised us with our first GC champagne toast when it all was over. We REALLY couldn't have done it without you.


  • Kathleen: August 06, 2015

    This is just the beginning of “golden” success! Love your style- presentation at Yankee Homecoming was chic and romantic-very golden. Your representation was spot on! Congrats on a fabulous weekend. Love my tassel necklace and look forward to more GC shopping for another perfect outfit. Wish you the very best :)

  • C's Collection: August 05, 2015

    So so cute! Love the white and blue dress and those leopard hangers I need in my life! Congrats!
    C’s Collection |

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